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AMMI Hotels

Our eco-responsible commitment

We are citizens involved in saving the planet


Eco-responsible practices

Dedicated waste sorting area

Eco-responsible hospitality products

Anti-abuse policy

Laundry area using eco-responsible detergent


Ecolabel range cleaning products


For Responsible Tourism

Our staff knows how to advise travelers on how to enjoy and discover our beautiful region in an Eco-responsible way

Reccomending public or soft means of transport (partnership with discount code to encourage electric scooters, explanation for bicycles, buses, trains)

Local restaurants and local cuisine are reccomended

Reccomending Greeters, local products, and any company and event related to this eco-responsible dynamic

Energy efficiency optimization

Thermal & acoustic double glazing

Insulation, walls, floor, ceiling

100% low consumption LED bulbs and electrical equipment

Practices & equipment to reduce water consumption

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